Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FSM Election Office in Pohnpei conducts last counting and tabulating: mailed ballots for 3 Chuuk districts

According to Anita from the FSM Election Office in Kolonia, over 350 mailed ballots for three election districts in Chuuk were counted earlier today at the office. These mailed ballots were received at the FSM Consulate Office in Honolulu from citizens throughout the U.S. at various locations where polling places were not set up for voting on March 2.


Election District No. 2
Roger S. Mori -- 4

Victor (Vicky) Gouland -- 1

Election District No. 3
Augustina Takesy -- 1

Bonciano Fasy Nethon -- 113

Michael Kanas -- 1

Election District No. 4
Setiro Paul -- 240

Tiwiter Aritos -- 0

These results did not change previous standing in any of the districts, according to Anita.

For further information, call FSM Election Office at 320-7805.

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