Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FSM Investment Symposium slated for early May, 2013

FSMIS (March 27, 2013): The FSM is heightening preparations towards the staging of an Investment Symposium to be held from May 6-9 as part of a series of federation-wide undertakings to better all-around business climate as a pivotal component in facilitating sustainable development and economic growth.

In his March 15 memo to departments and office at the national government, President Manny Mori said the symposium would result in the formulation of actions and measures to “facilitate investment in the FSM, focusing on improving the business climate, enhancing financial capacity of targeted private sector stakeholders as well as the confidence of financial institutions to lend to the private sector”.  

A committee has been put together to undertake state and national consultations and steer the comprehensive preparations with membership from the Department of Resources and Development, the Office of SBOC, the FSM Development Bank, and the FSM Petroleum Corporation.

The Department of R&D recently issued information on the consultation schedule in the following manner:

March 28, consultation meeting with departments and offices at the FSM National Government;
April 2-5, consultation meetings in the State of Yap;
April 8-9, consultation meetings in the State of Chuuk;
April 12-16, consultation meetings in the State of Kosrae.

Meetings with Pohnpei State has already been done according the department.

The Department of R&D serves the focal point for the symposium which will be held at the College of Micronesia-FSM, Palikir Campus.

President Mori also indicated that a State and National Leadership Conference will immediately follow the symposium to allow for leadership consideration for endorsement of its recommendations. 

For further information, contact the Department of R&D at 320-2646 or write to

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  1. If investments involving long term (50 to 200 years) FSM land leasing are contemplated or discussed, it would be of some value to make doubly sure that the effects of inflation, on land lease values, are fully understood! U.S. Inflation has been on average 3.89% for the past 60 years: this means that for every year that passes, the "purchase power" (the dollar value) DROPS in real terms by 3.89%, year after year after year... Something for land owners to keep close to heart!

    Henry Norman