Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FSS Micronesia completed a multi-tasked round-trip, fines from fishing violations collected

One of the fishing vessels boarded by FSS Micronesia crew

FSMIS (March 27, 2013): The FSS Micronesia undertook a multi-tasked trip between Pohnpei and Chuuk on February 25th to March 8th with the Secretary of Justice on board, later joined by US Ambassador Doria Rosen and Postmaster General Ginger P. Mida on the way back to Pohnpei.
On the way to assist in the FSM National Election in Chuuk on March 5th, election boxes were delivered to Sapwuafik, Nukuoro, and Kapingamarangi – three outer islands of Pohnpei. While on Nukoro and Kapingamarangi, Secretary Skilling met with the Mayor of Nukuoro and the Chief Representative of Kapingamarangi.
At different locations over a period of five days and nights, the FSS Micronesia crew conducted nine boardings on foreign fishing vessels encountered on the way, resulting in $51,000 in fines and citations, and ensuring compliance with fishery regulations.
While in Chuuk, six of the crew members were deployed to six islands in the Chuuk Lagoon to assist in providing security at various election sites on March 5th. In addition, election results from the outer islands of Chuuk were obtained through the radio telephone  system on the FSS Micronesia.
Secretary Skilling also took the time to accompany US Ambassador Doria Rosen who went to Fefen Island on March 5th to observe the conduct of the national election process. The observers did not discover any irregular incidents.
Ambassador Rosen and Postmaster General Ginger P. Mida had the opportunity to witness first-hand the maritime surveillance of FSM waters.
Mrs. Mida and the Maritime Wing are assessing feasible ways for the FSM Post office to be able to utilize similar trips among the remote islands in the FSM, especially for urgent delivery requiring safeguards of commodities and supplies.
According to Secretary Skilling, “the trip was a success in its entirety”.

For more information, contact the FSM Department of Justice at 320-2644 or write to

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