Thursday, June 20, 2013

President Mori signs two public laws and reiterates concerns

FSMIS (June 20, 2013): On June 18, President Manny Mori signed into law Congressional Act No. 18-02 to become Public Law 18-03.

The new public law is the sixth revision to the original appropriation law numbered 17-68 that became law on December 3, 2012 for “public projects and social programs”. This appropriation was for a total of $5,697,383 million, which included some amounts owed to FEMA by the State Governments.
The amendment was made to accommodate changes to the use and allottee of funds in the States of Yap, Kosrae and Chuuk, “and for other purposes”.

“I acknowledge that a committee report mentions some of the changes for Yap’s portion of public projects. However, the fact that there is no explanation of the amendments for Kosrae and Chuuk projects contradicts a transparent process”, President Manny Mori indicated in his signing message to Congress.
President Mori reiterated his concern that several public project appropriations lacked careful and transparent planning and appeared to have been decided in haste. He stressed his observation that many of the “so-called public projects and social programs” bore “little linkage to the Strategic Development Plan (of the FSM)”.

“I urge Congress to seriously consider the foregoing concerns at the earliest opportunity because continuing inaction on our part will not yield meaningful benefit to our people.”

The new public law can be viewed through the link below from the FSM Congress website.

On another measure, President Mori “reluctantly signed” into law Congressional Act No. 18-04, which has become Public Law No. 18-04.

This legislation is for a supplemental funding of $80,000 from the general fund of the FSM to make available $70,000 to Congress Office and $10,000 to the President’s Office for the remaining three months of this FY 2013.

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