Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 FSM Law Day debate organizers further preps for the Nation's biggest academic challenge

FSM Law Day debates have been a trademark of the FSM Judiciary Branch since the event was inaugurated in the early 90's. Inputs by the Executive and Legislative Branches are furnished through representatives with legal knowledge or strong educational/ professional backgrounds. 

FSMIS (June 21, 2013): In exactly three weeks leading up to the big event, organizers of the 2013 FSM Law Day Debate held a meeting today at the FSM Supreme Court facility in Palikir, Pohnpei.

According to Mr. Belan Yoma, this meeting might be the last for the committee that has been handling all-around preparations for the July 12 premier annual nation-wide high school academic contest. However, other members expressed before close of work today that one or two more "final meetings" might still be in order.
The topic for this year's debate contest is: Be it resolved that the FSM Constitution should be amended to create and additional At-Large seat in Congress for each of the four states, election to which shall be open only to women candidates.

Earlier this year, high schools within each state held their rounds of debate with the same proposition to determine the their respective state teams to the National face-off in the summer.

This year's final four show-down will take place in the State of Chuuk, home of last year's champion debaters from Chuuk High School.

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