Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What these young lads have in common

From left: William Belger, Sammy Setik, center, and RJ Rokop

FSMIS (June 26, 2013): What do these three young men, William Belger, Sammy Setik and RJ Rokop, (photo above) have in common? Probably a lot.

For starter, they are wearing tank-tops bearing Guam on it. True, they played for Team Guam in the recently concluded Micronesian Basketball Tournament -- and they played WELL!

These three young stars are widely covered in Guam's on-line and press news for their amazing achievements in sports. And not just one sport. They are actually seen as very multi-talented sport-wise and academically.

And their "similarities" don't end there.

It is not easy to pick out in the media coverages of these lads that they are linked to Micronesia -- specifically the country more known by these three letters. F- S- M.

According to Mr. Reynold Rokop (RJ Rokop's deservedly proud Dad!), Sammy Setik, like RJ, is from Chuuk. William Belger is from Pohnpei. I do believe, however, that all three of them were born and raised on Guam. I may be dead wrong.

The Guam Sports Network website indicates that Setik and Belger have siblings who have been quite remarkable in sports as well. I know that RJ has a sporty older sister plays volleyball for the Academy of our Lady of Guam.

In the past few days, RJ and William played for the Guam under-16 while Sammy played for the Guam under-19 in a Matson-sponsored tournament (with other sponsors) that brought together quality teams from Palau, CNMI and Guam. And, in their opening games, these three were reported as leading scorers.

If I am not mistaken, these capable hoopers have represented Guam in competitions abroad, including the Far-East, since middle school. And let us face it. Undeniably, Guam school setting (including other factors) has brought out their best talents and nurtured them to become who they are today. From all indications, they will only get better.

What else?

I will let you figure out the rest. Other useful information could be found via the Guam Sports Network, much like the story in this link

Congratulations to Setik, Belger and Rokop, their parents, and those who had a part in molding them.

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