Friday, October 12, 2012

President Mori returns from tour of FSM communities in the United States

FSM Information Services (October 12, 2012): President Manny Mori has returned from a trip throughout some parts of the United States, visiting FSM citizens in the states of Missouri, Washington, Oregon and California.
After attending the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, President Mori began his visits to FSM citizens by stopping first in Missouri where three separate meetings were held in Neosho, Kansas City and Liberty where three nuns from the FSM minister as part of the operation of the Queen of Angels Monastery. Around sixteen students from Kosrae and Pohnpei attending Parks University in Missouri had the opportunity to share dinner with the President and exchanged views on various interests.
Other FSM residents of the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas turned up at the meetings in Neosho and Kansas City.
In Washington, the President held meetings with two faith-based groups from Chuuk and Kosrae, both of which were also attended by a few others with no affiliation to the churches.
Moving to Oregon, where most of the 24,000* FSM citizens in US mainland reside, President Mori addressed the Portland City Council upon his arrival and met with the Mayor and other officials who were very appreciative of the visit. Meetings were held on the 4th and 5th in Portland and Aurora following previous meetings arrangements.
The final meeting took place in Pasadena, California with other enthusiasts driving in for hours from San Diego and the other states of Utah and Arizona, adding variety to a group featured other Asia-Pacific islanders and Americans who part took in the fiesta and lively meeting.
Common to most of the meetings was the citizens’ call for the FSM to consider establishing presence in parts of the U.S. other than Washington D.C. to service the growing numbers of citizens in need of assistance with passport matters, employment-related documents, Compact-related privileges, educational financing issues and a number of other issues that require government intervention or management.
Furthermore, it was also asserted that given the findings of the survey of citizens commissioned by the FSM Government, opening of polling places in parts of the mainland USA is in order to allow the many citizens the chance to securely exercise their right to vote and participate in home affairs.
President Mori assured the citizens that their inputs and recommendations would be seriously considered as part of the purposes for which the recently conducted survey was commissioned. The citizens were also encouraged to utilize possible ways of communicating with leaders back home, especially their FSM Congress delegations who also hold strong stake in bringing forth their requests and suggestions.
Joining the President at his meetings were Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mr. Lorin Robert;  Assistant Secretary Tony Babauta of the U.S. Department of Interior; Ambassador Asterio Takesy from FSM Embassy in D.C.; Senator Tiwiter Aritos, Senator Roger S. Mori and Senator Bonsiano “Fasi” Nethon of the FSM Congress; Assistant Secretary Rose Naganaka, FSM Department of Finance and Administration; Mr. Patrick McKenzie, Director of NORMA; Mr. James Naich and Mr. Dominic Maluchmai from the FSM Embassy in D.C.; Mr. Alfred Ansin, FSM Congress staff member; and Mr. Marcellus J. Akapito from the FSM Public Information Office.
Senator Wesley W. Simina joined in at the Pasadena meeting.

*This number was reported during briefings by Ambassador Takesy regarding the FSM-commissioned household survey of FSM citizens in the United States and territories concluded about a month ago. The published report has not been released, pending official endorsement by the FSM Government.

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