Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A letter to Dr. Michael Droge Ph.D., Park University President

President Mori (right) and Dr. Droge, President of Park University at the
university Administration Office, September 30, 2012
President Manny Mori sent a letter to Dr. Michael Droge  on October 18, thanking him and his colleagues, Dr. Thimios Zaharopolulos and Mr. Michael Hernandez, for their hospitality in receiving him and his delegation and hosting the President's meeting with FSM citizens in Kansas City at the Park University campus church nearly a month ago.
"... Park University has contributed enormously to the education and training of so many of our citizens, including sitting members of my Cabinet. And, we are very proud and thankful that many more of our young people are attending Park University",  President Mori expressed in his letter.
Currently, around sixteen (16) FSM young men and women from Kosrae and Pohnpei are attending the university. All of them attended the meeting with FSM citizens at the campus church, which was followed by a lively dinner with the President, along with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lorin S. Robert.
President Mori also mentioned that many FSM graduates of Park University "have elected to seek gainful employment in Missouri, and no doubt have landed better paying jobs due to their good education background" -- he further stated, while indicating interest to bolster the good relationship that reaches back to the Trust Territory era.

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