Thursday, October 4, 2012

Faces from Seattle Kosrae Community: upclose with President Mori

The Kosraean Community took time to share over two hours of their evening of October 4th with President Mori and his delegation at their Church in Tukwila, Seattle.

 Mr. Norinston Joe, leader of the community, expressed appreciation for the opportunity to get upclose with the FSM President and be able to share thoughts and information of their government.

Apart from talking "serious issues", FSMers welcomed the moment to photo up with their visitors, going casually friendly with the President. After wrapping up the meeting, almost everyone took advantage of the visit with losts of hand-shakes and picture taking.

The presence of Mr. Anthony Babauta, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior, came as a bonus to those who were at the meeting.  Mr. Babauta seized the opportuniyt to connect with the people whose presence in the results from something under the watch of his department: the FSM-US Compact.

FSM Ambassador Asterio Takesy and Assistant Secretary of Finance and Administration, Mrs. Rose Nakanaga, closed the evening with a Nikon moment at the front of the group's facility.

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