Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stories in Pasadena: "what is your story?"

A sizable meeting hall, packed with Yapese, Kosraeans, Chuukese and Pohnpeians -- along with their Polynesian, American and Filipino friends, filled with high-expectations and patriotism as over two hundred Micronesians of all sorts of walks and socioeconomic status in California, Arizona and Utah gathered in Pasadena to dialogue with President Manny Mori and his mixed delegation.

Indeed, the evening was different, different from previous meetings held in Missouri, Washington, and Oregon in terms of its structure, chemistry, and degree of efforts for many of the participants.

Above all, the participation level was fantastic. Several speakers shared so many "success stories" of FSM citizens doing well at various jobs -- owning businesses and chasing their dreams not only in school but also in the entertainment and technological industries. Others turned out as civic and religious leaders who are well-received at a respectable, public level in various societies.

In spite of being the last in a series of eventful and challenging hops, Pasadena energized the visiting delegation and put an end to President Mori's tour of FSM pockets in the U.S. in a high note, capturing a sense of success.

In the end, many realized that the trip was about hearing and listening for both sides. The common question that evolved out of the Pasadena meeting was, "what is your story?".The citizen unfolded different stories that culminated into what Secretary Lorin Robert exclaimed as he gave the concluding remarks that night: "We have a story to tell the nation." Beyond that, the FSMers who gathered in Pasadena felt that they also had a story to tell the leaders from both FSM and the United States as they live in two worlds in which their presence is often "blurry". Yet, their message is one of hope and confidence inspired by their love of country, faith, and "simplex" Micronesian determination.

What is your story?


  1. Profoundly & well summarized as we commemorate an eventful time well spent with our Honorable President Mori and his distinguished guests. We remain grateful for the remarkable time we spent with you all, and the opportunities you had allowed a few of us as well to share the positive impact we contribute to this Country as ordinary Micornesians living abroad. :)Killisou Chapur.

  2. Thank you, Isobel for your comment and for being there to honor our President and his delegation. It is citizens like you that truly make a difference by being proactive and connect. Know that your information office is ready to assist any way possible. Keep up your jolly spirit.