Friday, October 12, 2012

President Mori holds urgent meetings as time ticks away before upcoming crucial gatherings

FSM Information Services (October 11, 2012): In less than twenty-four hours after his return from an eventful trip throughout the United States, President Manny Mori held back-to-back meetings with cabinet members and staff to discuss preparation status for the approaching State and National Leadership Conference (SNLC) and the Donor Partners Meeting.
Traditionally, the SNLC is the highest forum of FSM principal leaders, bringing together the President, State Governors, FSM Congress, Presiding Officers and Members of the various legislative branches, along with senior level officers to collectively engage in setting policy directions and establishing common understanding on the ways to address longer-term issues and constraints. This meeting is scheduled for the 5th and 6th of November, 2012.
The Donor Partners Meeting was set to take place earlier this year but later rescheduled for the 7th and 8th of November. First time of its kind, this meeting will allow the FSM and its various donor partners to discuss development challenges and opportunities with the aim to maximize effective use of aid and assistance from donor partners. President Mori has underscored the significance of this meeting not only in relation to probable ending of financial assistance under the Compact but also to assert more efforts in striving for long-term financial stability as a self-governing nation.
Additionally, a meeting with Mr. Hans San Rijin and Dr. Dante B. Canlas from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) took place later the day at the President’s Conference Room to delve into his decision to further reform the personnel structure at the National Government. The President had requested for ADB’s assistance in right-sizing and possibly restructuring personnel landscape in search of a more cost-efficient and outcome oriented system to ensure staying within means and address sustainability.
The SNLC and the Donor Partners Meetings are placed back-to-back to benefit everyone who will come in to Pohnpei for both meetings.
For details, write or call 320-2548.

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