Monday, October 1, 2012

President Mori holds meeting in Neosho, Missouri

FSM citizens in Neosho, Missouri and nearby towns in Oklahoma and Kansas

President Manny Mori held a well-attended meeting with FSM citizens at the Neosho Middle School gymnasium, Missouri drawing approximately two-hundred participants from as far away as Tulsa, Oklahoma.

President Mori told the crowd he was there mostly to listen to their concerns on issues of importance to them as residents of various communities in the United States and went on to discuss some of the concerns that the FSM National Government has been pursuing including matters relating to the Compact of Free Association with the United States.

Members of the President's delegation were Secretary Lorin Robert, Ambassador Asterio Takesy, Assistant Secretary Rose Nakanaga, First Secretary of the FSM Embassy in D.C., Dominic Maluchumai and Marz Akapito, FSMPIO.

From left: Secretary Lorin, President Mori and Ambassador Takesy

The President invited the citizens to raise concerns and ask questions on matters of relevance to compact-impact, passport application processing, employment opportunities, social security program, eligibility to social services in the U.S., deportation of FSM citizens from the U.S., etc.

The citizens expressed strong dissatisfaction regarding unsolved problems over the way renewal of expired passport is handled. A question was raised whether it would be possible to allow the FSM U.N. Mission to become a passport processing and issuance point to expedite this critical service that has huge impacts on the general welfare of FSM citizens abroad. 

The citizens also raised strong opinions on the issue of dual citizenship and asked that the FSM Government consider opening up Neosho as a special polling place in the U.S. mainland to protect citizens right to vote in a more assured way with specific interest in establishing dual-citizenship for FSM citizen.

Both the welcoming and farewell meals were held at the Full Gospel House of Mercy facilities, owned by an FSM Christian congregation in the area.
President Mori with some Pohnpeian FSM citizens

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