Wednesday, January 8, 2014

President Mori holds Christmas and New Year celebration with Cabinet Members

Ms. Jackolynn James receives award from President Mori & Dr. Skilling
FSMIS - On December 30, 2013 the President’s Conference room was abuzz with holiday cheer as Cabinet and staff members joined Federated States of Micronesia President Manny Mori in a Christmas and New Year season celebration. The event started off with a lunch buffet and eventually peaked in a merit ceremony for the acknowledgement of certain employees who were recognized as "employ of the year" by their various offices.

In addition to celebrating the holiday through the sharing of a meal and awarding of merits to employees, President Mori used the gathering as an opportunity to engage his cabinet in discussions on the Nation’s peculiar needs for the future. A report on the discussions at the December 7-8 meeting of the 2023 Planning Committee was shared, focusing on the scenarios  with regards the Compact Trust Fund shortage. The President underscored the need to take bold collective actions jointly with the States and the FSM Congress to prevent a damaging post-2023 budget crisis.

With the FSM rapidly approaching 2023, the year that financial assistance from the United States under the Compact is expected to terminate, President Mori urged the Cabinet to participate in sensitizing other leaders to appreciate the bleak situation facing the Nation and warned that lack of immediate sacrifice and commitment will rob the post-2023-and-beyond leaders the ability to advance a sustainable system.

President Mori said that a mindful way of building a workable future is for the National Government to exercise the discipline of strategically setting aside some of its current revenue to address constraints and sustain growth in the longer run.  

The employee who were recognized during the function included:

Ms. Elsiner Yaroailsug, Department of Foreign Affairs;
Ms. Amaryllis Mendiolo, Department of Finance and Administration;
Ms. Marlyn H. Sakios, Department of Education;
Mr. Kodak David, Department of Justice;
Ms. Jackolynn James, Department of Health and Social Affairs;
Ms. Marlyter Silbanuz, Department of Resources and Development;
Ms. Ernist D. Abraham, Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure;
Ms. Esiri Edward, Office of Statistics, Budget and Economic Planning, Overseas Development Assistance, and Compact Management (SBOC);
Mr. Moses Sigrah, FSM Postal Services (Kosrae Station).

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