Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FSM-Palau Boundary Delimitation Treaty faces another try with Congress

FSMIS (January 15, 2014): The Federated States of Micronesia Eighteenth Congress has received the Treaty between the FSM and the Republic of Palau Concerning Maritime Boundaries and Cooperation on Related Matters for ratification.

The President of the FSM and the President of Palau signed the treaty on behalf of their respective Governments in 2006.

Although the FSM Congress website listed the treaty to have been ratified through Congressional Resolution No. 15-32 on September 8, 2007, this was later found to have been an error. Accordingly, the Treaty was resubmitted to the 17th Congress, which deferred action on the Treaty based on Palau's interest to amend the treaty back then. However, as the current administration in Palau has abandoned the proposed amendment, the Treaty is now in front of Congress for necessary ratification.

FSM's and Palau's exclusive economic zones overlap in some areas. Given this situation, the two countries have resorted to international practice through the negotiation of a Treaty that essentially establishes a "line of delimitation" to define where each can exercise sovereign rights within their overlapped jurisdictions.

Article 9 of the Treaty partly states, "This Treaty is subject to ratification and shall enter into force upon the exchange of the instrument of ratification".

FSM President Manny Mori has urged Congress to ratify the FSM-Palau Boundary Delimitation Treaty during this current January 10 - 29 session.

The Treaty was transmitted to Congress on January 13.

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  1. Endorsing such treaty would greatly benefit both countries and sustain greater diplomacy between them. We hope that this 18th Congress would quickly ratify the treaty.

  2. Promoting this kind of treaty might significantly advantage each nations as well as maintain higher diplomacy in between all of them. Hopefully this eighteenth Our elected representatives might rapidly ratify the actual treaty.

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