Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eighteenth FSM Congress extends Third Regular Session to February 1: many items yet to be addressed

FSMIS (January 30, 2014): The 18th FSM Congress has extended its Third Regular Session through the adoption of Congressional Resolution No. 18-126 on January 29.

The session was scheduled to adjourn on January 29, but Congress felt it needed additional time "to consider a number of important issues that remain pending before it", as the resolution states.

One of the items in front of Congress is the supplemental budget request of $12,430,305 requested by President Manny Mori on January 20. Some of these request were submitted to Congress during the November 2013 session but were not approved, now resubmitted for reconsideration.

Some of these budget item requests include the $5million Set Aside Fund; $3.2 million for FSM Telecom project; operation funding for the Project Management Unit (PMU); About $71 thousand for the implementation of the recently adopted Overseas Development Assistance Policy (ODA); and the 3rd and 4th Quarter operation budget for the Department of Education, among others.

A more detail breakdown on the items requested under "supplemental budget request" will be available soon.

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