Thursday, January 23, 2014

2023 Planning Committee public awareness meetings to be held in Pohnpei, Yap and Chuuk in January 2014

FSMIS (January 23, 2014): Since January 17, communications on 2023 public awareness meetings with have been sent to respective Governors, Presiding Officers of the Legislatures as well as the Chief Justices in all the four State Governments in the Federated States of Micronesia.
In his letters, FSM President Manny Mori wrote, "In the last 2023 Planning Committee meeting in Saipan, it was agreed that there is a critical need for raising awareness about the challenges facing our nation in 2023 and beyond".
The 2023 Planning Committee was created through Executive Order No. 40 on March 6, 2012 primarily to "undertake assessment of the nature and magnitude of the financial situation of the FSM Governments in 2024 onward and identify the expected budgetary shortfalls; explore different alternative and funding scenarios for addressing the projected budgetary shortfall" and make recommendations to the Leaderships on action plans to be undertaken.
2023 marks the termination of financial assistance to the FSM from the United States under the Compact of Free Association between the two Nations as amended and became effective since 2003.
The awareness meetings have been scheduled to be held on January 23 in Pohnpei State for officials from Pohnpei and Kosrae; January 28 in Yap State; and January 30 in Chuuk State, with specific meeting details being subject to coordination between State Officials and the 2023 Planning Committee Secretariat.
The FSM Office of SBOC and the FSM Department of Resources and Development share managerial roles for the Secretariat with technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat who  also provide advice to the Committee.   
For queries, please contact the Office of SBOC at (691)320-6260 or email

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