Thursday, January 23, 2014

Executive and Congress create Joint Working Group to remedy issues regarding Project Control Document processes

FSMIS (January 23, 2014): Resulting from recent consultations between the President and the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia, a decision has been made to create a Joint Working Group to explore remedies to issues relating to the Project Control Document (PCD).
In his January 21 letter to President Manny Mori, Speaker Dohsis Halbert stated, "Thank you for the meeting that we had this morning. All members present appreciated the candid and constructive discussion. We agreed to have a joint working group of Congress and the Executive to explore some of these issues relating to PCDs".
The Speaker suggested that the working group hold its initial meeting on Monday, January 27.
President Mori responded to Speaker Halbert on January 23 by saying, "Thank you for your letter of January 21, in which you nominated members of Congress for the Joint Working Group to meet with the Executive regarding Public Projects and the PCD process".
"I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you and the members of Congress on January 21, and look forward to a mutually acceptable outcome of the Working Group's efforts".
The President offered that the initial meeting take place at the President's Conference Room at 1:30pm, keeping the meeting date as suggested by the Speaker.
The Working Group members from Congress as indicated by the Speaker includes: Senator Peter Christian, Senator Wesley Simina, Senator Yosiwo George and Senator Joseph Urusemal.
From the Executive side, the President designated The Vice President, the Secretary of Finance and Administration, the Secretary of Justice, the Secretary of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure, and the Director of SBOC.  

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