Friday, April 12, 2013

Tax Reform Taskforce and Overseas Development Assistance held meetings

Tax Reform meeting was chaired by VP Alik and attended by the Governors of Pohnpei and Yap and Representatives for Chuuk and Kosrae.
On April 11, two separate meetings took place at the President's Conference Room following the closing of the meeting for the 2023 Planning Committee.

1. The FSM Tax Reform Taskforce

            The Executive Committee of the Tax Reform Taskforce held a meeting yesterday chaired by Vice President Alik L. Alik. The meeting considered a number of items ahead of the upcoming 5th special session of Congress. Congress will convene on April 15 for a 5-day session, unless shortened by resolution of Congress. Reforming the tax system in the federation has been a huge dragged-on challenge that has taken over ten years. More information on the outcome or decisions of the Executive Committee meeting will be available pending notice by the Tax Reform Project Office.

2. Overseas Development Assistance

          The main focus of the meeting was to engage with State participants and other National Government officials regarding the proposed ODA Policy that is currently with the President for review and submission to Congress for approval. The ODA Policy formulation was done with much of the work done by the SBOC ODA Division through consultation with a broad range of stakeholders throughout the federation, including political leaders, government offices and departments, private sector members, interests-groups, NGO's, development partners for the FSM (foreigners) and others with development interests in the FSM.
SBOC staff did indicate that the policy will also be shared with FSM's development partners for their comment as a way to ensure all-around endorsement and concurrence to the policy. More information will be available pending final work by ODA Division, specifically on the purposes and benefits of having a unified policy in this development area.  
The ODA meeting was attended by Senator Robert P. Nakasone (2nd from left) and Senator Ishmael Lebehn from Pohnpei State Legislature (3rd from left). Also attending were Secretary Rufino Mauricio (4th from left) and Secretary Vita A. Skilling, not pictured.

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