Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Second Day for the 2023 Planning Committee kick-off meeting

around the table clockwise from left: Senator Bob Skilling, Kosrae; Mr. Lipar George, proxy for Governor Jackson of Kosrae State; Governor John Ehsa, Pohnpei State; Governor Sebastian Anefal, Yap State; Chuuk State AG Sabino Asor, sitting in for Governor Johnson Elimo; President's Chief of Staff, Mr. Leo Falcam Jr.; Sancherina Salle, SBOC; Director Evelyn Adolph, SBOC and Secretariat to the 2023 Planning Committee; President Mori; Vice President Alik and Secretary Lorin S. Robert, FSM Department of Foreign Affairs
On the second day during its 2-day kick-off meeting, the 2023 Planning Committee resumed with President Manny Mori recapping from yesterday's proceeding. He said 3 items were on the table for action.

 Selection of Chairman:

The Leaders agreed to utilize a co-chairmanship arrangement for the committee. It was further agreed that President Mori and Governor Lyndon H. Jackson of Kosrae State will be the Co-Chairmen.

The other two items discussed had to do with the Terms of Reference for the committee and its budget. Congress had approved a budget of $150,000. The Leaders also indicated the need to hire an economist and other expert staff.

Further information will be provided after the secretariat has made its concluding work for this kick-off meeting. 

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