Monday, April 22, 2013

FSM dedicates three-day mourning period in honor of the late Koichi Sana

Flags at half-mast, FSM Capitol in Palikir

FSMIS (April 22, 2013): Beginning on the 18th of April, the FSM Government dedicated a three-day mourning period in honor of the late Koichi Sana who passed away on the 14th of April, 2013.

According to the Presidential Proclamation of April 18, the late Sana "began his years of service for the people of Micronesia when he served as a member of the Congress of Micronesia". He later on became the At-Large Congressman for Chuuk State during the initial sessions of the new Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia beginning when he was first seated during the First Special Session of the First FSM Congress in July, 1979. He was Chuuk's At-large Senator from the first to the fourth FSM Congress.

The late Kochi Sana had also held various capacities in Chuuk, including the Speakership post at what was then the Truk Legislature and other "challenging administrative posts with the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands government". As one of the first Micronesians to hold administrative posts under the TTPI government, late Sana's early public sector ranks included being the Truk Hospital Administrator for the TTPI's Truk District Health Services.

The Honorable Koichi Sana "has been known as a distinguished, devoted and respected public servant", according the the proclamation.

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