Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Congress said no to "sunset clause" deadline pushback: Day 3 of Fifth Special Session

Congress had a split session today -- first at 10:00 in the morning, went into recess around 11:30, then came back at 3:00pm.

At the morning session, Congress overrode the President's veto of Congressional Act No. 17-76. This Act made further changes for public projects and social programs in Pohnpei State and Yap State in an appropriation bill in the amount of $2,940,000, which became law on October 15, 2010 and had been subsequently amended three times through public laws 16-68, 16-76 and 17-06 prior to the override.

Members also exchanged views on the request to repeal the "sunset clause" in the Revenue Administration Act of 2012 (RAA) during recess. In essence, the clause requires that all States must enact a Value Added Tax legislation before midnight of April 19, 2013 or else the RAA is null and void. The request for the said repeal is the President's main purpose for calling the special session.

Before the afternoon meeting, committee hearings were conducted relating to federal programs at the Department of Education and Department of Health and Social Affairs.

When Congress met again at 3:00pm, 11 Members were in attendance. A resolution was adopted, expressing the sadness and condolences of the 17th FSM Congress at the passing of a former Member of the FSM Congress, the late Koichi Sana.

There was an attempt to pass a bill, which would push back the RAA "sunset clause" deadline to July 19, 2013, instead of April 19. The bill needed at least ten affirmative votes to pass first reading. Only nine Members voted in favor of the bill -- two against.

Congress will meet again tomorrow at 10:00am, day four. 

For details, write to or call FSM Congress Office at 320-2324.

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