Monday, April 15, 2013

Fifth Special Session of the 17th FSM Congress holds opening meeting

Speaker Figir, left; Senator Otto, right
FSMIS (April 15, 2013): The 17th FSM Congress is convening for its 5th special session called by President Manny Mori as indicated in his April 5 letter to Speaker Isaac V. Figir, starting today, April 15.
The items presented by the President for Congress’ action this session are:
1.      Tax Reform amendment of sunset clause in Public Law No. 17-50;
2.      Establishment of a revolving fund for federal programs.

After calling the session to order, Speaker Figir appointed Members of the Committee to Wait on the President, consisting of Senator Paliknoa K. Welly, Chairman, Senator Tony Otto, Senator Dohsis Halbert and Senator Joseph J. Urusemal.

The Committee will meet with Vice President Alik L. Alik tomorrow morning at the President’s Conference Room.

The session will go on for five days as specified in the convening letter, unless shortened by resolution of Congress.

Today’s opening meeting was attended by Vice President Alik, Members of the President’s Cabinet as well as the Deputy Chief of Mission of the United States Embassy.

Eight Members of Congress were at the opening meeting, including the Speaker.

For more information, please write to Congress PIO at or call Mrs. Lynn Narruhn at 320-2324.

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