Friday, November 15, 2013

Fisheries license application process in the FSM going online with assistance from FFA

FSMIS (November 15, 2013): The Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) Database Administrator Mr. Kennth Katafano is in Pohnpei, assisting the FSM National Oceanic Resources Management Agency (NORMA) regarding information processes for fisheries management.

In particular, Mr. Katafono’s purpose in the FSM is to assist NORMA officials in the creation of an industry portal for fisheries to allow online processing of license applications to ease up such process. According to FFA, this online licensing portal creation project “will pave the way for other FFA members interested in having the capability to take their licensing documentation work online”.

This project is crucial to the extent that the management of information and data is critical in the management of national fisheries industries. FFA information on the particular project shows:

“Both SPC and FFA have been collaborating with FSM and RMI over the years in developing each respective national IMS system through the i2fish project.  With FSM and RMIRMI playing a strong leadership role in this endeavor, the development of several “IMS Modules” have been made available to other Pacific countries and will in turn generate more modules to strengthen and support Fisheries Information Management Systems at national level, adding up to more efficient and effective data management.”

Mr. Katafono has been in the FSM since November 11, and he is due to move on the Marshall Islands today.

Mrs. Rhea Moss Christian, the NORMA Chief Monitoring and Compliance Officer, is the person to contact regarding the project. Her email is

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