Thursday, November 14, 2013

Exclusive interview: FSM President Mori on China ties CCTV News - CNTV English

FSMIS (November 14, 2013): FSM President Manny Mori was interviewed by China's CCTV News -- CNTV in English. According to Su Yuting (Angelina) from CCTV News in an email to Mr. Jackson Soram from the FSM Embassy in Beijing, "The exclusive interview with President Mori in Guangzhou has been very successful. It's broadcasted many times as the top headline on CCTV News".

Angelina said the interview was broadcasted on November 9, the day it took place, and again on November 12.

President Mori made a three-beat trip through the Asian countries of Japan, China and Thailand for a number of high level meetings after celebrating the 25th anniversary of FSM-Japan diplomatic relations in Tokyo two weeks ago.

click on the link below to watch the interview..

Exclusive interview: Micronesian president on China ties CCTV News - CNTV English

Details on the China and Thailand trips are forthcoming.

 For inquiries, call the FSM Information Office at 320-2548 or email

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