Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Capital Youth Organization (CYO) celebrates its beginning

FSM DHSA (November 13, 2013): On November 9th, more than hundred youth and community leaders gathered in Palikir, Pohnpei to celebrate the opening of the Capital Youth Organization project -- “to reduce the alcohol use among the youth”.   

The Secretary of the Department of Health and Social Affairs, Dr. Vita A. Skilling, awarded CYO the Strategic Prevention Framework – State Intensive Grant in the amount of $18,000.00 a year for five years. The project entails the implementation of various alcohol use prevention activities in the Palikir Community area.

During the project opening meeting, Deacon Michael Sardis welcomed the youth, the national representatives, families and the community leaders and spoke about the need to join hands in support of youth activities in order to reduce alcohol use and alcohol-related problems in the community.

Representing Secretary Skilling, Mr. Kerio Walliby encouraged the youth to integrate cultural respect and re-cultivate customary ways and traditional skills to facilitate the objectives of the project, which will result in   improving community health.    

The CYO uniforms worn by the youth at the meeting as well as their songs signified their readiness to implement the alcohol prevention strategies.  The Youth President, Mr. DJ. Setik told his youth fellows to fight against drugs and commit to working together to become drug free youth.  At the closing of the meeting, Mr. Kastor Naich, one of the leaders of CYO and the newly elected Mayor of Lekinioch, thanked the FSM  National Government and the US SAMHSA, the funding provider, for the opportunity provided to CYO to improve their community and empower the youth. 

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