Thursday, September 5, 2013

Request for Bid: FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs

Request For Bid

(Closing date: August 30, 2013 or until filled)

1.   General

The Department of Health and Social Affairs (HSA) of the FSM National Government (hereinafter referred as “government”) hereby solicits bid from interested companies (hereinafter referred as “applicants”) to provide fixtures, renovation, and other necessary improvement to the office spaces currently occupied at the Capitol Suites and Apartment in Palikir.

The items to be provided or specifications to be adhered to:

1.    Renovation of conference room, office space, IT room
2.    Conference room tables, audio-system, office space cubicles
3.    Other necessary supplies to modernize office, conference, and learning resource centers/room.
4.    Costing of each of the items must be specified.
5.    Costing of labor and professional services

2.   Eligibilities

All licensed companies in the FSM who has the necessary means to carry out the project.

3.   Format

Applicant may submit a bid in any generally accepted style and format as long as it provides the necessary information as follows:

1.    Name and Address of Agency
2.    Telephone and Facsimile numbers, including contact email addresses and website, if any.
3.    Name, address and email address of the contact person.
4.    Detailed estimate of cost
5.    Evidence that the company has all the necessary resources to complete the project, without requesting advanced payment.

4.   Selection Criteria and review panel

As this is a small renovation project, the main criterion to award the bid is company’s ability to complete the project as requested in two weeks and ability to use its own resources without requesting prepayment.

5.    Submission:

Bids must be submitted either in sealed envelopes or via email at and received by the Department of Health and Social Affairs on or before the July 20, 2010.  If bid is submitted via mail, please deliver to:

Dr. Vita A Skilling
Department of Health and Social Affairs
FSM National Government
Palikir, Pohnpei   FM  96941
Phone:          691 320 2619
Fax:             691 320 5263

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