Friday, September 20, 2013

Chuuk gears up for Micronesian Games: athletics facility may become reality

Sitting left to right: Ersin Ruben, Akimichy Rudolph, Director of Chuuk Recreation Office, Corky Stinnett, Melba Stinnett, Curtis Graham. Standing: Jim Tobin, FSM Dept. of Health and Social Affairs, Clark Graham, Chairman of preparation committee, Danny Mersai, Brad Mori, David David and Dason Marar.

Weno, Chuuk (September 19, 2013): The Chuuk State Planning Committee for the upcoming Micronesian Games held a special meeting today at Truk Stop to engage in discussion with Mr. Jim Tobin, competition director and member of the 2014 Micronesian Games Organizing Committee.

Mr. Tobin is in Chuuk on assignment as the Sports Development Officer, FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs. He had the opportunity to meet with Governor Johnson Elimo of Chuuk as part of preliminary discussions regarding the possibility of constructing a track and field facility in Chuuk. Major sports facilities upgrading throughout the FSM may roll in steadily the next two years under current objectives being considered by the Mori administration.

The Chuuk State planning committee for the Micronesian Games was recently formed by Governor Elimo to assist the Chuuk Recreation Office and the various sport organizations get ready for the Micronesian Games in Pohnpei.

Mr. Clark Graham, committee chairman, said that Chuuk would like to join the competitions in as many events as financially possible. He underscored that the committee would be responsible mainly for logistical and administrative matters. He emphasized that each sport organization will be responsible for athletes and coaches selection following proper criteria.

Mr. Ersin Ruben, a Chuukese local entrepreneur, has been made the chairman of the fundraising subcommittee. He said the committee will need support from “all around” to put together a good delegation.
Mr. Curtis Graham, newly appointed Chuuk State representative on the FSM National Olympic Committee, was also at the meeting along with the Director of the Chuuk Recreation Office, Mr. Akimichy Rudolph.

The committee solicits collaboration from NGO’s including the Chuuk Women’s Council represented by Ms. Melba Stinnett and Corky Stinnett. The committee aims at building excitement leading to the Games with several of the sport organizations such as the Chuuk Basketball Association, Chuuk Wrestling Association, Chuuk Soccer Association and the Chuuk Track and Field Association already set competition dates beginning in November for preliminary trials. 

Mr. Graham said the committee is aware of other interests and concerns raised by some Chuukese abroad and on remote islands who want to be assured the opportunity to show their talents Chuuk's qualifying meets and trials. He said a communication channel via the Internet will be up soon in addition to other means of keeping everyone aware as preparations progress. 

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