Thursday, September 5, 2013

FSM and China talk in Majuro: “best friend and strong partner”

FSMIS-Majuro (September 5, 2013): Moments after his arrival in Majuro, Mr. Li Qiangmin, Special Envoy from the People’s Republic of China to the 44th Pacific Islands Forum, led a Chinese delegation in a bilateral meeting with the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) President Manny Mori at the Marshall Islands Resort on September 3.

Mr. Li thanked President Mori and his delegation and said he attached high priority to securing the meeting opportunity, calling the FSM China’s “best friend and strongest partner” in the Pacific region.
Reciprocating mutual compliments, President Mori reiterated the FSM’s commitment to the One-China Policy and acknowledged the strong and beneficial friendship that exists between FSM and China.

Citing his desire for frankness, Mr. Li spoke about his Government’s intention to strengthen relations with other Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Members in the interest of region-wide development. He said China was very keen on solidifying commitment to the Pacific Island Forum as a Member of the Post-Forum Dialogue.
The Post-Forum Dialogue is held after the Leaders’ sessions and retreat are concluded, providing discussion and interaction opportunities among Development Partners, Services Agencies, other observers and the member-countries.  He also made the President aware of a Forum-related matter for which he sought FSM support.  

President Mori and Mr. Li also discussed other matters of mutual importance including an upcoming high level China-Pacific Countries meeting on November 9, 2013. Further details on the meeting will be provided through the Pohnpei-based Ambassador Zhang Lianyun, who also accompanied Mr. Li during the meeting.
Given the opportunity, President Mori emphasized an outstanding need of a definite accounting on committed assistance not yet utilized by the FSM Government and stressed the need for FSM and China to be on the same page with such information.

While expressing gratitude for China’s continued financial assistance for infrastructure support, President Mori also proposed that each year, China indicate the level of support to be provided during the incoming year for budgetary planing purposes. This way, FSM can benefit from a more coherent assistance program and Partners can coordinate more clearly their impact on the development spectrum.

In response to a number of comments and suggestions, Mr. Li said he would take note of the requests with home office and assist where possible. He stressed that China would do its best in assisting its Pacific partners in improving economic situations and build resiliency for the region through strengthening of partnerships.

Accompanying President Mori at this meeting were Secretary Lorin S. Robert, Secretary Francis Itimai, Director Evelyn Adolph and Ambassador Gerson Jackson.
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