Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Last Day of session for 17th FSM Congress?

The FSM Congress ended its 6th regular session today with 9 members present.

The body adopted two reports from the Committee on Resources and Development supporting FSM's membership in the International Renewable Energy Agency and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. The reports were subsequently refered to the Committee on External Affairs.

After doing this, the question of whether a special session would be called after the March election was raised?

One member also raised general inquiry on what congress should do in the event that the President vetoed the recently passed supplemental 2013 budget that includes representation funds for members of Congress and the President and Vice President.

There was not much the gathering could do with only 9 members present.

The 6th regular session adjourned for good at around 11:00am, which was also potentially the last gathering for the 17th Congress.

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