Friday, January 11, 2013

President Mori heads to Yap for ETG consultations

President Manny Mori will head to Yap State on January 12 to hold personal meetings with the state's political, traditional and business leaders regarding the proposed ETG investment in Yap.

"The primary purpose of my visit is to learn more about the ETG investment through personal meetings and consultations with political, traditional, and business leaders in Yap State", the President expressed in a January 10 letter to various leaders, including Chief Bruno Tharngan and Chief Ignathio Hapthey for the Council of Pilung and the Council of Tamol.

According to his schedule of events as arranged by his chief of staff and Yapese officials, the President will hold meetings with Church leadership on January 13. On January 14, separate meetings will be held with  the Speaker and Members of the Yap State Legislature during the opening of their session; the Council of Pilung; and the council of Tamol, in that order.

Some other meetings will be on January 15, including with Governor Sebastian Anefal and later with the business community before he departs Yap way early morning of January 16.

For further reading on ETG and its investment interest in Yap State, you may click on the link below

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