Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Congress confirms three and rejects one board membership nominations

FSMIS (January 22, 2013): At its meeting this morning, Congress confirmed the following Presidential nominations:

1.      For Mr. Reed Bermin Oliver to serve as a member on the FSM Banking board;

2.      For Mr. William Hawley to serve as a member of the FSM Petroleum board of directors; Mr. Hawley is currently the Chairman of the board representing the National Government.

3.      For Mr. Churchill Edward to serve as a member of the College of Micronesia-FSM Board of Regents representing the State of Pohnpei. Mr. Edward is a sitting board member.

Congress disapproved the nomination of Mr. Alik K. Jackson to serve on the National Oceanic Resources Management Authority (NORMA) board of directors representing the State of Kosrae.
Mr. Jackson is a FSM Congress staff attorney.

Shortly after meeting started, Congress had to skip some agenda items on the “order of business” for the day and leapt to the pending nomination and grant resolutions as some Members wanted to beat United Airlines check-in closing around noon on what could have been the last day of the 16th regular session.

There were only thirteen Members present today. Senator Wesley Simina and Senator Roger Mori mentioned they were leaving for Chuuk to attend the Weno Municipality Inauguration Ceremony tomorrow. Senator Peter M. Christian also had travel arrangements – details not yet ascertained.
The remaining Members decided to also meet tomorrow.

For further information, write to fsmpio@mail.fm.

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