Friday, January 18, 2013

FSM Secretary of Justice on the go for anti-trafficking outreach to the states

FSMIS (January 18, 2013): FSM Secretary of Justice April Dawn Skilling is currently in Yap State on a mission to assist the FSM states in drafting anti-trafficking legislations to further progress efforts in all aspects of human trafficking regulation and prevention.
The FSM public law 17-38 was enacted on March 16, 2012 modifying parts of Title 11 of the FSM Code and creating a new subchapter to put in place the human trafficking and smuggling statues at the national level. The states also need to enact complimentary legislations within their jurisdictions for enforcement, prosecution, prevention and perhaps rehabilitation purposes.
In forming the state governors of the secretary’s assistance, President Manny Mori wrote on January 15, “I am asking Secretary Skilling to reach out to the leadership of all four states in order to assist the states in addressing the need to develop an action plan to recognize, condemn and prosecute all acts of human trafficking”.
Together with the states, the FSM government needs to progress actions for human trafficking regulations to keep a “good standing” rating on the Watch List done every year by the U.S. Department of State.
Maintaining a bad rating, as in a Tier 3 rating, may eventually result in the loss of all US non-humanitarian aid to the FSM according to the same communication to the governors.
Secretary Skilling had worked in the Russian Federation where she assisted in the development of the country's anti-trafficking legislation.
Secretary Skilling left on January 15 for Yap State where the state legislature is currently in session.

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