Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Biggest Loser Competition concludes third round

FSM Information Services (December 18, 2012): The FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs NCD Program concluded today the third round of its 6-months weight loss competition program popularly known as The Biggest Loser Competition.
Competitor enters the competition at the start of a six-months period according to set categories. Waistline measurements and weight reduction are compared at the end of the competition period. Ranks are determined according to the amount of inches and pounds one is able to get rid of. The “biggest loser” walks away with attractive prizes. An assortment of other token prizes is also available  for other achievers.
This third round of competition has a number of expensive prizes including flat screen television, computer accessories, umbrellas with designs, office and school materials, and other devices.
Before the winners were announced, some of the programs in the department, such as NCD and Cancer, took brief moments for “question and answer” with the participants after some “pep-talk” by Dr. Mayleen Ekiek and Secretary Vita A. Skilling on the reasons for the program and the need to have such throughout the FSM.  The participants were also introduced to the Zumba dancing and exercise program as a fun alternative to jogging, walking and other fitness regiments.
        (The youngest winner in the biggest loser competition, raw talents, complete innocence)
The competition was dominated by many women, some of whom claimed that the number one reason for joining the program was to “be more sexy”.
The activity took place at the Spanish Wall Pavilion in Kolonia.
The winners listing will be provided once confirmed by the NCD Program Coordinator, Mr. Kipier Lippwe.
For more information on the competition, call Norleen Oliver at 320-2619.

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