Friday, December 7, 2012

FSM National Prayer Day

FSM President Manny Mori left Pohnpei yesterday, December 6, for Guam where the FSM National Prayer Day will be held.

This will be the fifth year for such gathering, initiated by the President in 2008, bringing together government officials, church leaders from different denominations, traditional leaders, NGO's, schools and the youth.

The overriding purpose for the Prayer Day, which is usually placed very close to Thanksgiving Day, is to "drive home" the call for unity for all FSM at government, community, and perhaps even church levels under the broad benefits of prayer and thanksgiving.

In the past, various influential as well as maturing church, community and traditional leaders were called upon to facilitate the Prayer Day, with the youth groups and schools providing animated performances of songs and entertainment to add fun and energy.

Having held the Prayer Day at all the four states in the FSM, nearby Guam was chosen to be the venue this year in awareness of the role it plays as a "home" to thousands of FSM citizens and as a significant Micronesian neighbor in the region.

It is hoped the National Prayer Day will help faciliate the nurturing of meaningful and beneficial integration between people, encouraging stewardship, cooperation and productive citizenship with one common goal -- creating a better world for everyone. 

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