Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New and Improved Neauo Village Water Well in Chuuk

FSM IWRM Project

On December 07, 2012, FSM Department of Resources and Development Secretary Marion Henry as the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Project National Focal Point delivered to the Chuuk State Leadership and Neauo Village community in Weno, Chuuk the completion of the improved Neauo Well project.  Present at the launching event were Senator Roger Mori, Chuuk State Government Chief of Staff, Mr. Wilfred Robert, Chuuk Environmental Protection Agency Acting Director, Mr. Jason Poll, as the IWRM Project State Focal Point, Chuuk Women Council representative, Mrs. Christina Stinnett, Pacific Landscaping Engineering and Construction Company representatives, Village chiefs, landowners and multitude of Neauo villagers. Senator Roger Mori joined Secretary Henry to hand over the project on behalf of the National Government to the Chuuk State Leadership in his delivery remarks.  The project construction began in October 2012 with smooth and timely implementation by Pacific Landscaping Engineering and Construction Company.  


This Neauo Well project significantly improved the sanitation and health conditions, thus contributing to the benefits of the wellbeing and livelihood for over 400 nearby residents who depend on this source of water for their daily water needs. The project directly contributes to the national vision “to provide access to safe and clean water to the people of FSM, now and in the future”  signed by President Mori and State Governors on March 22, 2011. In this connection, the project hand over marked a fresh starting point to improve water quality and access for Neauo community and serves as a demonstration model. Prior to the support of the IWRM project, there was no decent facility at this well for women and children to wash and bath privately; this project is a positive example of community-based efforts to minimize the vulnerability of women and young children and securing safe access to water. Several known drowning incidents had claimed lives of three children at this well in the past and with the improvement of the well, tragedy like this can be avoided.  


The FSM IWRM project is part of the regional Global Environment Facility Pacific IWRM Project being operated by the Applied Geoscience and Technology Division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in 14 Pacific Island Countries. As the FSM IWRM National Focal Point, the FSM Department of Resources and Development works closely with key IWRM local partners including Pohnpei State Government, Pohnpei Utilities Corporation, Conservation Society of Pohnpei, Nett District Government, Chuuk State Government through Chuuk EPA, Chuuk Women’s Council, and local community partners in both Chuuk and Pohnpei.

Patterson K. Shed

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