Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sharing the Christmas spirit: visits to the hospital, clinic and prision

front row: l-r: Morgan, Marlyn Jack, Darifa, First Lady Emma Nelson-Mori and Abraham Roby. back row l-r: Pelsasar Petrus, Joanie Mendiola, Taki Mendiola and Marz Akapito
Assisted by staff of the Office the President, grand daughter Darifa, Morgan from Micronesian Red Cross, and the President's daughter Elmae Mori, First Lady Emma Nelson-Mori visited the Pohnpei State Hospital and the Genesis Hospital in Nett on Christmas Day. She brought some gifts to the patients at the various wards in the hospitals, sharing Christmas greetings and cakes.

First Lady Emma approaching a a patient with gifts and cake
Lunch meal was also provided to prisioners at the Pohnpei State Correction Center in Nett with correction officers on hand to receive the two staff who brought the food.

It has been President Manny Mori's practice to greet patients and prisioners with gifts and food on Christmas Day -- which is also his birthday.

Correction Officers at the front of the Correction Center on December 25, 2012

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