Friday, January 30, 2015

President Mori Received Letter of Credence for Ambassador Thomas Ossowski of the Federative Republic of Germany

In the afternoon of January 28, 2015, President Emanuel Mori received the Letter of Credence for Ambassador Thomas Ossowski, officially accrediting him as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federative Republic of Germany to the Federated States of Micronesia, with residence in Manila, Philippines.

The brief ceremony was followed by a courtesy call which provided an opportunity for exchanges of views on issues of common interests between the two countries.  After conveying sentiments of welcome to the Ambassador, President Mori expressed appreciation for past assistance provided to support works of the Micronesian Seminar in the area of cataloging the history of the Micronesia region, specific to the German Era.  He mentioned historical remnants of Germany in the FSM, which includes not only historical infrastructures, but familial linkages as well.  At the multi-lateral level, the President acknowledged the close cooperative relation that exists between the two countries at the UN level.  He highlighted the issue of climate change as a top priority for the FSM, and thanked the Ambassador for Germany's leadership and continuing support such as Germany's contribution to the United Nations' Green Fund.  Aside from climate change, the President also indicated the fight against terrorism as an area in which both countries share common views.

As a member of the European Union, the President also took the opportunity to convey appreciation for assistance through the European Development Fund mechanism in the field of renewal able energy.  He went on to briefly mention the pre-occupation of the country with respect to preparation for 2023, and the ongoing process involved in a proposed action plan for the FSM for which Germany's technical support and assistance would be welcomed.  The President ended his intervention by congratulation the Ambassador for the successful accreditation.

Ambassador Ossowski responded with acknowledgement of Germany's history in Micronesia, along with advice of a recent discovery in Germany of testimonials or manuscripts of a German doctor who served in Micronesia during the German period.  He mentioned a planned canoe building to be held in Germany in August of this year and invitation already extended to traditional navigators and sailors from Yap State to participate.  As an area for strengthened cooperation, the Ambassador mentioned the upcoming climate change meeting to be held in Paris during the latter part of 2015 and confirmed a preferred outcome for an agreement that is more committal and binding.  The Ambassador took the opportunity to convey appreciation for past support for its candidatures in the UN system along with the request for continued support of upcoming candidatures.

Present in the ceremony and courtesy call were Secretary Lorin. S. Robert of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Secretary Samson Pretrick, and staffs.

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