Thursday, January 22, 2015

FSM National Anti-Human Trafficking Day

The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) President Manny Mori declared the 22nd of January as the National Anti-human Trafficking Day.  The President approved the Congressional Act number 17-37 on March 16, “designating it to become Public Law number 17-38, amending Title 11 of the Code of the FSM to define certain crimes relating to trafficking in persons and prescribe penalties for violations.” Today, will be FSM’s second year to continue to commemorate the significance of this day to raise awareness and strengthen education on Anti-human Trafficking throughout the nation. 

In President Mori’s remarks, he expressed that addressing this global issue is to understand human trafficking, “It is very important for us, to understand the horrific abuse of human trafficking. I want to join everyone here with my personal and official support behind human trafficking.”

As noted, all four states have passed Human Trafficking Laws.

The National Department of Justice along with the partnership of the International Office of Migration (IOM) in the FSM has put together a number of activities for the importance of this day. This year’s COM-FSM essay contest winners are Kenneth Edmond and Yurida Kephas. 

National and state leaders, government officials, respective ambassadors, students from Seventh Day Adventist and staff from the government bodies and IOM were in attendance at the FSM Supreme Court where the program took place.

President Mori awards COM-FSM essay contest winner Yuri Kephas. Pohnpei State Governor John Ehsa on left and Secretary April Skilling of the National Department of Justice on far right.

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  1. Thank God... I was a sex slave and sold 3 times before I made it back to Micronesia.