Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Update: Response Team Assists Green Boat and Blue Boat Group as Tropical Storm Hagupit is expected to hit Yap

2 December 2014 - Another breaking point for Yap as tropical storm Hagupit is expected to make landfall as typhoon in Yap. The National and State responders along with the assistance of local and international partners have taken collaborative approach to facilitate typhoon preparedness and proactive readiness to assist all persons from the blue boat and green boat group in advance of Hagupit that is expected to hit Yap Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.  

The typhoon watch has been activated at state level. It has been reported that the response team in Yap is evacuating all persons on the two boats to secure their safety by placing them into appropriate shelter on land. It is also expected that Hagupit is to intensify over the next few days that could later develop into a typhoon. 

The FSS Independence currently scheduled for Satawal may possibly be redirected if needed to aid possible rescue efforts.

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