Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Executive Christmas Party

To lift holiday spirits, an Executive Christmas Party was held on December 19, 2014 outside the Office of the President to celebrate not only the Christmas Season with holiday cheer but also to recognize the achievements of a few employees who worked a little more beyond the call of duty, earning the "employee of the year” recognition in 2014.

In his remarks, President Mori thanked the cabinet members and staff for their commitment and work in contributing to the Nation and the National Government as a whole.

The President pointed out that the FSM National Government's budget when he took office in 2007 was around $40 million. Now, the budget stands at approximately $99 million.  

Part of this budgetary growth is directed to investments such as the annual subsidy to the FSM Social Security Program, the FSM Trust Fund, the Scholarship Fund, and most recently the "set aside" for private sector investment activities, to name a few.

The President stressed the need to further boost employment opportunity and economic activities to facilitate sustainability.  

In concluding his brief message, President Mori stressed the need to continue economic development and sustainability for the Nation to make the FSM “another promised land” as enshrined in the FSM National Anthem.

As part of the ceremony, President Mori received a standing ovation from his audience as a tribute to his successful achievements and commitment to nation-building, stability and growth for the FSM.

Employee of the Year 2014 are as follows:

1.     Patricia Pedrus, Office of Environmental and Emergency Management (OEEM)
2.     Johnny Agrippa, Department of Justice
3.     Joyminda P. George, Department of Education
4.     Eugene Amor, Office of Statistics and Budget, Overseas Development Assistance, and Compact Management (SBOC)
5.     Abraham Roby, President’s Office
6.     Stacy Yleizah, Department of Foreign Affairs
7.     Moria Joseph, National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA)

National Employee of the Year 2014

       1. Mr. Eugene Amor, SBOC

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