Monday, December 29, 2014

First Family Tradition: The Gift of Giving on Christmas Day

FSM First Lady Emma N. Mori and her assistants at Pohnpei State Hospital

Mrs. Mori visiting a young patient
at the Children's Ward
On behalf of President Manny Mori and First Lady Emma Nelson-Mori, it has been a holiday tradition to deliver food to the Pohnpei State Jailhouse in Nett while gifts are given to patients at Genesis Hospital and Pohnpei State Hospital on Christmas day. 

First Lady with the young patient
This year marks the 7th year of visiting patients and their families on Christmas day at both hospitals but since there were no patients at Genesis Hospital this Christmas, gifts were only distributed amongst patients at the state hospital. 

Knowing how patients would like to be home during the holidays to celebrate Christmas, the First Lady freed up her time on Christmas day to visit patients at all wards and greeted them with gifts and cake.  In relation to the President’s birthday that falls on December 25th, delivering food and gift giving to the jailhouse and hospital has been a tradition of the First Family over the years.

While Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr. and Special Assistant to the President Pelsesar Petrus delivered food to the Pohnpei State Jailhouse in Nett, staff from the President’s Office and the National Police accompanied the First Lady.

Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr. and Special Assistant Pelsesar Petrus
with staff from Pohnpei State Jailhouse.

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