Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Honorable Eisuke Mori, Member of the House of Representative and Association of Micronesia Development Called on Vice President Alik

Palikir, Pohnpei (Dept. of Foreign Affairs).  The Honorable Eisuke Mori, Member of the House of Representative of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, his spouse Mrs. Yoko Mori and the Association of Micronesia Development (AMD) group visited the FSM from 5-8 May 2014. The delegation visited Pohnpei to further strengthen the FSM-Japan relations through the AMD. The visit is also part of a series of activities promoting the 25th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations between FSM and Japan that was celebrated in November of last year. For background information, the Association of Micronesia Development was formally established as a non-government and non-profit organization in 2002. Mr. Mori is currently the Honorary President of the “Friendship Bridge Club,” between FSM and Japan. The club was formed to promote joint activities and programs undertaken by the FSM Embassy in Tokyo.

During Mori-sensei’s call on Vice President Alik, he thanked the Vice President for taking his time out of his busy schedule to meet him and his delegation. He further touched on some of the activities jointly promoted and programs undertaken by AMD and FSM Embassy in Tokyo. He stated that he understood the challenges that are facing the nation and that he would like to continue his effort to improve our relations as member of the Parliament.  

Vice President Alik responded by welcoming Mori-sensei and his delegation’s first visit to the FSM on behalf of the FSM Government and its people. He expressed his strong desire to working closely with Mori-sensei and the AMD to tackle the challenges facing the FSM and to further strengthen the relations between FSM and Japan.  Vice President Alik thanked Mori-sensei for his first visit to the FSM to take a glimpse of the nature of Pohnpei, the Capitol of our Nation and hoped that his next visit will also include visits to the other states. He again thanked Mori-sensei for all the assistance from Japan in particular the contributions to our nation building efforts and the strengthening of our bilateral relations.  

After the courtesy call on the Vice President, Mori-sensei called on T.H. Dohsis Halbert, Speaker of the 18th FSM Congress.

Also present at the courtesy meeting were H.E. John Fritz, FSM Ambassador to Japan, H.E. Eiichi Suzuki, Japan Ambassador to the FSM and officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and FSM Public Information Office.

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