Thursday, May 1, 2014

2023 Planning Committee Consults with Chuuk State Private Sector and Government Leaders

Weno, Chuuk (April 30, 2014): The 2023 Planning Committee held its second round of consultations in Chuuk State on April 21 as part of the second round of consultations in all FSM States in April and May, with emphasis on growing the economy. The Committee was led by FSM President Manny Mori and accompanied by Governor Johnson Elimo from Chuuk, Governor Sebastian Anefal from Yap, and representatives for Governors John Ehsa of Pohnpei and Lyndon Jackson of Kosrae.

The meeting was well attended with participation of State Government leaders and officials, Members of FSM Congress representing Chuuk State, and members of the private sector community and the NGOs in Chuuk State.

The full-day meeting provided an opportunity for discussion and identification of priority areas and projects with strong potential for supporting economic growth objectives. It also provided for more Government-Private Sector discussions relating to impediments and challenges in growing a sustainable economy.  

Several issues were highlighted during the meeting including infrastructure, transportation, human resource constraints, security, land issues, high cost of utilities, immigration policies, as well as excessive red tape in other areas of government regulation such as licensing of businesses. The private sector expressed the need for reliable land titling and certification, calling for enabling legislation for “land court” establishment in Chuuk. In addition, the Chuuk private sector requested for the establishment of inter-state and inter-island transport network to aid commerce and improve mobility between the islands. Interest in revisiting investment opportunities in tuna cannery for employment and revenue generation also gained attention.

The Chuuk Chamber of Commerce expressed appreciation for the opportunity to engage with the
Committee and indicated that supplementary recommendations will be provided pending further review by the group.

The 2023 Planning Committee was established with the mandate to undertake an assessment of the fiscal sustainability of the nation in the post 2023 period and develop an Action Plan by October to prepare the nation for the challenges that exist in the post 2023 period. The Action Plan will specify resources and a timeline guiding the course of actions.

As part of its mandate, the Committee is to undertake public awareness on its work.

For further information, call the Office of SBOC at 320-6260 or email

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