Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Akapito sworn in as Lieutenant Governor of the State of Chuuk

Weno, Chuuk….   On Friday, May 2, 2014 in an oath taking ceremony held at the Chuuk State Supreme Court, the Floor Leader in the House of Representative of the Twelfth Chuuk State Legislature, the Honorable Marius Akapito, took his oath of office to become the 7th Lieutenant Governor of Chuuk State, filling the role that was left vacant after the untimely passing of the late Honorable Lieutenant Governor Ritis Heldart on January 4th 2014. 
The solemnity of the oath of office to the new Lieutenant Governor of Chuuk was administered by the Chief Justice of the Chuuk State Supreme Court, The Honorable Camilo Noket.
On April 14, The Honorable Governor Johnson S. Elimo transmitted his nomination of Mr. Akapito to the House of Senate pursuant to Article VI, Section 11 of the Chuuk State Constituion, which sets  the selection process in an event the office of Lieutenant Governor becomes vacant.   
In his nomination letter, Gov. Elimo  explained that Mr. Akapito does possess the necessary qualifications  for the office of Lieutenant Governor by highlighting the nominee’s capacity as a parliamentarian who is familiar with the current issues facing the Sate of Chuuk. Gov. Elimo also pointed out that his nominee also possesses necessary understanding of the government framework for a constitutional system, such as the system being applied by the Chuuk State Government.
After a thorough review of the nominee's credentials, the full  Senate unanimously approved the nomination on the 23rd of April.
In his oath taking remarks on May 2, Lieutenant Governor Marius Akapito said he will assist the Governor to continue the implementation of the infrastructure development plan for Chuuk State and the municipalities.   Lt. Gov. Akapito also expressed his heart felt and big thank-you to the Governor and Members of the House of Senate for their trust and confidence rendered in his appointment and confirmation.   
The Honorable Gov. Johnson Elimo underscored in his remarks that the problems and challenges facing the State remain outstanding. He said overcoming these challenges requires the cooperation of leaders  and the people.
The Mayor of Weno, the island capital of the State of Chuuk, The Honorable Bintas Keneth, echoed the same, referring to the theme “ one mind, one work, one heart” with dedication and patience.
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