Thursday, March 6, 2014

The FSM and the United States sign Agreement to Suppress Illicit Transnational Maritime Activity

FSMDFA (March 6, 2014): On March 3, 2014, an official signing of the Agreement to Suppress Illicit Transnational Maritime Activity was held at the Department of Foreign Affairs’ conference room between the Governments of the Federated States of Micronesia and the United States. This Expanded Shiprider is an agreement to allow a third party vessel (US Navy) to participate in the maritime surveillance activities in the FSM’s Exclsusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin S. Robert and U.S. Ambassador Doria Rosen signed the documents on behalf of their respective governments.
Prior to the signing of the documents, Secretary Robert welcomed Ambassador Rosen and her delegation to the Department, and underscored the importance that the FSM attached to the Compact relationship with the United States. He complimented the Department of Justice and their counterparts from the US’s side for the tireless efforts in ensuring the agreement serves the interests of both nations. He thanked Ambassador Rosen and delegation for their presence, as well as colleagues and other officials from the FSM for their attendance at the important ceremony.
Ambassador Rosen reciprocated by thanking the FSM for the important occasion, and referenced fisheries resource as oil to the FSM. With the Expanded Shiprider signed and in place, she assured that the agreement further strengthened the special relationship enjoy between the two nations and also thanked all those in attendance and especially those who have made the day a reality.
Also in attendance for the ceremony were Secretary April Dawn Skilling, Department of Justice and senior officials from DOJ, Acting Assistant Secretary John Tiegmai, Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure, and Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr. Accompanying Ambassador Rosen were Ms. Lynn Pangelinan, US Embassy Political/Military Advisor and Mr. Patrick Maloney, US Embassy Public Diplomacy/Staff Assistant.
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