Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Congress asks for a "brief letter" from President Mori on priority matters for on-going session

During meeting at the President's Conference Room on March 25
FSMIS (March 25, 2014): One day after the opening of the Third Special Session of the Eighteenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia, the "Committee to wait on the President" formally took up the customary task of the Committee noon time today.
Chaired by Senator Peter M. Christian, (Pohnpei) the Congressional Special Committee held a brief meeting with President Manny Mori, along with Vice President Alik L. Alik and cabinet members at the President's Conference Room.
Assigned by Speaker Dohsis Halbert, the Special Committee included as members Senator Joseph J. Urusemal (Yap), Senator Wesley W. Simina (Chuuk) and Senator Yosiwo P. George (Kosrae).
At the start, President Mori welcomed the committee and informed them that the Executive Branch is ready to work with Congress on items target to be addressed during the session.
In response, Chairman Christian conveyed greetings from Congress and thanked the President and Vice President for availing themselves today so that the committee can carry out its duty sooner during the 10-day session.
Senator Christian further expressed that Congress would appreciate getting from the President a formal written communication itemizing priority agenda for Congress focus specifically this special session.
President Mori expressed concurrence to the request and asked whether such practice would now take over the purpose of the "committee to wait" exercise at the start of each session.
In response, Chairman Christian said that Congress anticipates more targeted discussions with particular entities and task-based groups such as the Tax Reform Taskforce and therefore wishes not to engage the President on matters that will be subsequently hashed out with other groups.
Senator Urusemal and Senator George raised some questions relating particularly to the tax reform bill, among them a query on the President's position on the "sunset clause" in the bill.
President Mori highlighted that he would want for Congress to repeal the "sunset clause" from the bill.
The sunset clause sets a deadline by which the State Governments must have enacted their Value Added Tax legislations before the tax reform bill becomes null and void.
Before concluding their meeting, the Leaders agreed that Congress host the President and Vice President on March 31, two days ahead of the end of session, to enable a review of items covered and allow for possible interventions before the session concludes.
For further information, call 320-2548 or email fsmpio@mail.fm.

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