Monday, March 24, 2014

Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Telehealth For Woleai Atoll In Yap Now Connected

An ICT Project recently completed in Woleai Atol, Yap. It is a joint multi-partnership and cooperative effort between the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) and Government of Japan (as the donors) and the FSM Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure (as leading agency for the project), FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs, Yap State Health Services and Woleai Municipal Government (as the recipients).

This is a pilot project funded by Japan extra-budgetary contribution to the Asia Pacific Telecommunity to connect Internet via Pactel V-Satellite System to unconnected rural communities in the FSM and Woleai Atoll dispensary was selected as the pilot project site. The project was delayed for over a year due to lack of transportation.

The project implementation Team comprised of Mr. Yosuke Uchiyama (KDDI Foundation, Japan)-Team Leader and ICT Expert, Mr. Wensner David- FSM HESA Representative, Mr. Mark De Orio- IT Specialist and Mr. Paul James-Frequency Manager & Radio Specialist, Division of Communication arrived on Woleai Atoll, 11 February 2014 and after meeting with the island’s traditional and local leaders proceeded and successfully completed the installation of the equipment for the Internet connection at the Woleai Atoll Dispensary.

Part of the project is also to conduct computer trainings to the dispensary staff as well as teachers and the general community. Trainings included basic computer and satellite support & maintenance, Microsoft Office application, skype usage, internet and mail browsing. The project also paid up one year cost for the internet subscription and that the community will assume responsibility after one year. Turned over ceremony to the Yap State Government was conducted on site 22, February and was attended by the community. Equipment donated in support for the project includes:

1.       1.8 Satellite Dish and Peripherals

2.       14 Computers (Desktops & Laptops) and peripherals

3.       1 All-in-one Printer and accessories

4.       1 LED Projector and accessories

5.       1 Digital Camera and accessories

Secretary Francis Itimai, through skype teleconference, thanked the chiefs and people of Woleai for their cooperation and assistance in enabling the project to move ahead. He also stressed the need for popper sense of ownership and care over the technology with careful maintenance practices.

The Team expressed its sincere appreciation to the traditional and local leaders as well as the general population of Woleai Atoll for their warm hospitality and support to the Team to accomplish the project. Woleai Atoll and the community at large are now successfully connected to the world wide web via Woleai Telehealth Center. The Woleai Telehealth Center can be contacted through Skype at woleai.telehealth and

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