Friday, December 6, 2013

FSS Micronesia -- Coast Watch Patrol on selected islands and typhoon relief assistance in outer-islands of Yap

The FSS Micronesia (LTCDR Kodak David) performed Coast Watch Patrol 2013 from November 12, 2013, to November 26, 2013.  The purpose of a Coast Watch Patrol is to visit Outer Islands and promote small boating safety, maintain relations with the Islands on protecting the FSM fisheries, and assist in communication maintenance.

Coast Watch Patrol 2013 took the FSS Micronesia to the Islands of Nama, Pulusk, Satawal, Ifalik, Woleai, and Eauripik.

The scheduled Patrol took place in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan.  The FSS Micronesia was able to deliver medical supplies from Pohnpei and donated food supplies from the Euaripik community in Pohnpei to Eauripik, the island most affected by Haiyan.  On her way, the FSS Micronesia was able to pick up more donations from the neighboring islands to be delivered to Eauripik.  The FSS Micronesia also assisted the Yap State Governor’s Office by taking pictures of damage caused by Haiyan on the islands of Ifalik and Eauripik. Additionally, she delivered some emergency repair materials to a sailing vessel that was damaged in Woleai due to the super typhoon.

On her return trip to Pohnpei, the FSS Micronesia further assisted Yap State by delivering 15 barrels of diesel fuel to Ulithi and 5 tons of food stuff to the Neighboring Islands Central High School (NICHS) in Woleai when shortages were discovered on these islands in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

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