Thursday, December 26, 2013

FSM First Lady Emma Nelson-Mori keeps December 25 Christmas giving tradition with hospital patients

First Lady Emma greeted a young boy patient during visit at the Pohnpei State Hospital on December 25, 2013. Family members look on with appreciation.
FSMIS (December 26, 2013): This Christmas marks the sixth year that the Federated States of Micronesia First Lady Emma Nelson-Mori has made visits to patients and their families at the Genesis Hospital and the Pohnpei State Hospital on Christmas Day.

While it is not easy for family and friends to spend the Christmas Day at the hospital, this annual tradition by the First Lady brings holiday cheer to those who find themselves confined to the hospitals on this very day. 

Granddaughter Darifa (in red) with other young companions giving cakes
 Done by the first Lady on hers and the President's behalf in the giving spirit of Christmas, a less obvious significance of the day for the First Family in relation to their tradition is the fact that the President's birthday falls on the 25th of December.

 Mrs. Mori visited all wards and greeted each patient with a gift and cake.

 The First Lady was accompanied by her granddaughter, two nephews and staff from the
Chief of Staff Falcam at the Jailhouse, delivering food
President’s Office.

 As the First Lady and others got busy at the two hospitals, Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr. and Special Assistant to the President Pelsesar Petrus visited the Pohnpei State Jailhouse in Nett and delivered food as part of the President's Christmas gift-giving.

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