Friday, December 20, 2013

Availability of fiber optic cable in Tonga lifts communications, possibilities for FSM

FSMIS (December 20, 2013): Radio & TV Tonga recently reported that the Tonga Communication Corporation (TCC) "has launched its new 3G network for mobile customers" in Tonga. The new network makes welcoming improved internet access for mobile customers, "especially those in rural areas". It has made the downloading and uploading of movies and other data much efficient using a speed of 2 megabits per second. Previous capacity was 3 hundred kilobit per second.

Prior to the installation of this fiber optic cable service, TCC customers could only settle for a very low network coverage for the internet and limited data applications.

A previous news release from the FSM Telecom reported that the "phase one" fiber optic cable project in the FSM, which completed a cable line linkage to Guam's cable, stated that "all islands will be able to realize more reliable and expanded services such as improved voice calling and faster Internet as a result of the completion of phase one". It also stated that the linkage to Guam would ultimately open up access to a 10G network to allow for high-speed connectivity.

The report from Tonga would add anticipation in places like the FSM where they are currently aspiring not only to access high-speed internet connectivity but bring internet capacity beyond the "city-centers" to nearby and remote islands.

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